Darren Henley testing out the virtual reality app

Humber Museums Partnership

Simon Green and Samantha Howson, 15.05.2017

Virtual reality apps

Humber Museums Partnership has developed its first virtual-reality app, built in collaboration with advertising agency yesyesBD.

The Virtual Museum app brings together objects selected from across East Riding of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and Hull, and allows them to be viewed in one space.


The move comes as part of the Humber Museums Partnership’s 2016 project Framed, which selected 100 objects from museums across the region and presented them using a variety of mediums, including billboards and the sides of buses.

Out of the 100 objects in the Framed collection, 10 items were selected by museum curators to be included in the virtual-reality experience. 

The Virtual Museum, which is accessed using a cardboard headset and a mobile phone app, allows users to explore a virtual space where the 10 selected items are on display. Users can interact with these items and discover more about each piece. 

It is hoped the use of this immersive technology and innovative museum experience will encourage a younger, more diverse audience to visit the region's museum sites. We also hope that it will encourage other museum, galleries and heritage organisations to adopt new media that will include younger generations and develop relationships with a wider demographic.

Simon Green is the director of cultural services at the Humber Museums Partnership, and Samantha Howson, is a copywriter and campaign planner at yesyesBD