Whether museums only charge for temporary exhibitions and events, or for all entry, tickets sales are an opportunity to understand audiences better and increase repeat visits.

This issue of Museum Practice explores how museums can use information from ticket sales for audience research, marketing and advocacy. It then looks at new trends, such as biometric verification and paperless tickets.

There are also case studies on Gift Aid, from Chatham Historic Dockyard, and the use of Smartickets at the British Music Experience.

Making more of ticket sales

The information museums collect through ticket sales can be used for research, marketing and advocacy

Future ticketing trends

This article looks at future trends in ticketing, from paperless e-tickets to biometric verification

Ticketing poll

Is ticketing technology putting museum jobs at risk?

Case study: Gift Aid

Upgrading its ticketing system has led to a doubling of Gift Aid at Chatham Historic Dockyard

Case study: Smartickets

Tickets to the British Music Experience enable visitors to tag displays and create their own online archives

Further resources: ticketing

Further articles and online resources on ticketing systems and Gift Aid