Introduction: therapeutic museums

How museums can realise their therapeutic potential

Different therapeutic programmes

Can museums improve the nation's mental health? Julie Nightingale looks at a range of therapeutic projects and techniques

Promoting health in your museum

Museums can provide special environments and experiences for people with health issues, but planning and partnerships are key

Working with children in hospital

Bringing your museum to children in hospital - and vice versa - needs major preparation, but the benefits can be huge for all involved

Visitors with dementia

With the number of elderly people increasing, museums have an important role in improving the quality of life for people with dementia

Dealing with trauma

Engaging with art can have positive effects on the mental health of many groups of people who have suffered trauma, from refugees to war veterans

Case study: museum within a care home

A museum within a residential care home in Switzerland reveals the poignant stories of the elderly people who live there

Case study: visitors with dementia

An open-air museum uses its historic houses as settings to trigger emotions and awake memories in people with dementia