Introduction: text and labels

First, there was the object, then there was the label letting visitors into the secret of the object and why it might be interesting. Then all hell broke loose

How to product clear text

Writing labels that are interesting, informative and relevant in as few as 30 words is no mean feat. Laura Gascoigne provides the key

Style guide to writing text

Since it is a complicated collaborative task, producing museum text is tricky

Child-friendly labels

Writing text that appeals to children without alienating adults (or critics) means using imagination and finding the right language

Case study: audience-led labels

ss Great Britain's Kate Rambridge describes a novel project in which schoolchildren wrote their own object labels in prose and poetry

Alternatives to written labels

Using the words and voices of others to tell a story - or even using pictures and other media instead of words - can increase the appeal of displays

Writing publicity material

Press and publicity material can make or break an exhibition. So it is important to devote time and effort to make sure your message gets heard

Writing for the web

A good website can attract new audiences. But if you do not follow a few web-writing principles, you risk sending potential visitors away in droves

Case study: interactive websites

The Science Museum of Minnesota website is everything a museum website should be: in touch, up to date, and truly interactive. By Javier Pes