Creative Collisions Youth Arts Network

Time and Tide Museum, Norfolk

Tricia Hall , 12.12.2014
Creative Collisions youth arts network
Creative Collisions is an imaginative youth arts network in Great Yarmouth, where like-minded young people can develop skills, share ideas, produce events and communicate opportunities in the arts.

The network is supported by Time and Tide Museum and six high schools and colleges. It is a key part of our long-term strategy for youth engagement in Great Yarmouth and enables fantastic opportunities to bring heritage, culture and the arts to a large number of teenagers across the borough.

We use the network to promote and support the delivery of Arts Award. Being part of a network increases the potential for sharing resources such as staff time, spaces, equipment and skills.

Time and Tide Museum contributes coordination time, access to collections and professional skills, such as curatorial expertise. Every project is inspired by our collections or aspects of local heritage, and the work created by young people is regularly exhibited at the museum.

Teenagers tell us that they love taking part in projects that are “different from school”. Teachers say the displays that their students are involved in have raised the status of the art department in the school.

Creative Collisions projects include the Wide Angle documentary photography group, where teenagers worked alongside professional street photographers to document Great Yarmouth Life. The photos have been shared on Flickr.

The Jack Cardiff Centenary Celebration involved teenagers in a range of creative activities to research the life of legendary cinematographer Jack Cardiff who was born in Great Yarmouth 100 years ago.

Tricia Hall is the youth engagement officer at Time & Tide Museum