Technology and digital

3D technology

Exploring the potential of 3D technology, from digitisation and printing to audiovisuals

Artificial intelligence

Museums have much to gain from intelligent machines if they are willing to experiment


How crowdfunding can help museums raise money and engage with audiences

Digital learning

How digital technology can help museums deliver learning experiences

Digital projects

Why museums need a clear focus on digital


Engaging the public with digital collections

Browsing using a smartphone

Effective websites

The challenge of effective, accessible museum websites

Mobile apps and projects

Practical advice on developing apps and the results of the MA's mobile survey 2012 and 2013

Museum blogs

Practical guidance on planning and writing blogs and long-form articles

Museum films

Advice on creating successful museum films

Museum games

Gamifying the museum

Social media

From basic guides to advanced insight into using social media

Virtual reality

How can technology help museums bring collections to life?


How are museums collaborating with Wikipedia?