Further resources: succession planning

Rebecca Atkinson, 16.05.2011
A detailed list of further resources that can be updated and added to as new documents and information become available

Information on how museums can make better use of their collections and collections knowledge. Includes information on the Effective Collections programme and the Esmee Fairbairn Collections Fund; museum disposal; Smarter Loans; collections reviews; and Find an Object search

Collections knowledge
Further information on increasing knowledge of museum objects and ways of sharing this. Includes details on the Monument Fellowship programme

Monument Fellowship Toolkit
Written by Helen Wilkinson, this is a practical guide for sharing and succession planning for collections knowledge

Collections for the future
The result of an 18-month inquiry into every aspect of collections management, with input from over 500 organisations and individuals, this report looks at a range of issues, from open storage and a distributed national collection to working with private owners, acquisition, transfer and disposal


Collections reviews (Museum Practice, August 2010)
An in-depth view of collections reviews, including the best way to approach a review and some of the different methodologies museums have used

Staff development (Museum Practice, Q1 2009)
Find out how museums can develop and motivate paid staff and volunteers, from recruitment and training to coping when a crisis strikes

The perpetuation of knowledge is one of our great challenges (Museums Journal, September 2009)
Collections knowledge has often been seen as an afterthought, less deserving of care than real objects, writes Helen Wilkinson

Case study: passing on knowledge (Museum Practice, summer 2009)
Len Pole had a long career as the curator of Saffron Walden Museum, and recently returned to share his knowledge with the latest generation of staff

Setting up advisory groups (Museum Practice, winter 2008)
Setting up an advisory group allows you to tap into specialist knowledge and different perspectives – and can give your project credibility

Working with collectors (Museum Practice, winter 2007)

Private collectors and museums have much to gain by working together, from sharing knowledge to converting loans to gifts

Share issue (Museums Journal, January 2010)
Six senior curators on how they are passing on their knowledge to future generations. By James Morrison

Share value (Museums Journal, September 2010)
Museums and galleries are making their resources go further by sharing skills and knowledge, writes Rebecca Atkinson

Wealth of knowledge (Museums Journal, July 2008)
How much do you know about what is in your museum cases or sitting on your basement shelves? James Morrison delves into the complex world of collections knowledge

Show and tell (Museums Journal, June 2005)
There is no point having rare objects and important collections if we don't have the knowledge to talk about them, says Mark Jones

Hidden treasures (Museums Journal, November 2005)

If museums don't even know what they've got, then how can they explain it to the public? Jane Morris reports on a number of initiatives aimed at plugging the knowledge gap


Workforce Matters (Local Government)
The Workforce Matters community of practice is a website where people can share good practice, experiences and ideas on succession planning with colleagues

The Collections Trust
The Collections Trust works to ensure that cultural collections are available for use and enjoyment by everyone. Its website includes links to Collections Link and Culture Grid

Business Link
Information and downloads relating to succession planning

The Museums Association of New York (MANY)
The MANY website includes a series of articles and presentations on succession planning

The taxidermist (YouTube)
Jeremy Adams, a taxidermist and Monument Fellow at the Booth Museum of Natural History in Brighton, has posted a video of his work on YouTube