Introduction: stored collections

Museums are rethinking the distinction between stored collections and public galleries

Using stored collections

Adding to your collections is relatively easy; making them accessible is the hard part. Jane Morris looks at the challenge of opening up stored collections

Conservation in public

Working on a large object in public gives visitors a rare chance to see how objects are conserved, and to learn about the skills needed to do it

Efficient ways to open stores

Opening up your stored objects to visitors need not be difficult or costly - there are options to suit different collections and different budgets

Online access to stored collections

Creating a collections website is not the same as putting your object database online - you need to think about why and how people will use it

Handling stored collections

Allowing visitors to touch your precious objects might sound like asking for trouble, but the benefits of handling collections outweigh the risks

Effective collections

Making better use of stored museum collections

Case study: stored collection tours

Museum tours, and the staff that lead them, need to evolve, as the Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum in London shows. Javier Pes pays a visit

Case Study: bringing stores to life

Kilian T Elsasser explains how a small museum in Switzerland is using actor-led tours to help bring its collection of historical artefacts to life