Museum of Design in Plastics, Bournemouth

Phil Blume, 15.04.2014
10 Most Wanted combines social media and gaming to motivate people to search for unrecorded information about cultural artefacts.

It is a partnership project between the Museum of Design in Plastics in Bournemouth, the University of Brighton and Adaptive Technologies. It is supported by the Nesta Digital R&D Fund for the Arts.

It uses three social media channels: information and artefacts on the 10 Most Wanted website; public discussion on the Facebook group; and comments and discussion on Twitter.

The latest comments from Facebook and Twitter are pulled into the website homepage. On the individual artefact pages this feed is filtered to comments about each artefact. Also on the artefact pages are case notes, written by curators, summarising the salient points in the social media feeds.

We used social media because of its instant access to a vast audience. But although six cases have been "solved!" (missing information discovered) since the project launched in mid-November, only a small number of people (37 in the Facebook group and 38 followers on Twitter) have taken part.

We are trying to increase participation by selecting newsworthy artefacts (for example, skis for the Winter Olympics and football boots for the World Cup) and trying to make connections between artefacts and topics trending on social media.
10 Most Wanted runs until July. We would welcome readers joining in and giving feedback.

Phil Blume is the project manager at Adaptive Technologies