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Web 2.0 (Museum Practice, 2009)

Issue of Museum Practice exploring how museums can develop and maintain an online presence – from blogging to social media websites – to build communities and engage with audiences

Social work (Museums Journal, December 2010)
Ben Goodwin looks at how social media has transformed the way museums and galleries engage with audiences

Blogging on (Museums Journal, August 2008)
The online cultural world is awash with enthusiastic bloggers. Patrick Steel finds out if any of them are worth reading


Centre for the future of museums blog
Blog article looking at how museums in Australia have turned natural history specimens into social media celebrities

Social media gives the arts an edge (Arts Council England)

Article published on 2 September 2010 exploring the potential of social media websites for arts organisations


Museums Computer Group

The Museums Computer Group provides a forum for discussion between museum, gallery, archive and higher education professionals who work with computers and new technologies

Blog and conference investigating how technology is changing the expectations of museum audiences

US Air Force blog assessment chart
US Air Force's blog assessment chart, which offers a useful template for museums looking to develop risk analysis of social media

Museums, Libraries and Archives Council digital guides
Downloadable guides on social media from MLA

Brooklyn Museum’s community pages
The Brooklyn Museum in New York is often considered ahead of the game when it comes to social media. This section of its website explains its different social media strands

Online edition of Wired magazine covering new online and offline trends

Website covering the latest news for social and digital media, technology and web culture

TWITTER TOOLS – URL shortener that enables you to track referrals from Twitter to your website - upload photos to twitter - tool that allows you to see how influential you are on twitter - allows you find out "what's being said" across the Twittersphere or from a specific Twitter user - The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence on Twitter - find out who isn’t following you back - allows you to monitor your turnover of Twitter followers - enter your twitter username to see a tag cloud from the bios of your twitter "flock" (followers) - desktop tool to help you manage your Twitter account - desktop tool to help you manage your social media accounts

NB New Twitter tools come and go, so if any of the above are no longer active or new websites come along, please share this with others in the comment box below


Museums on Twitter - Twitter list of different museums on Twitter, curated by @MuseumTrekker
#museumcuts - hashtag where you can share how cuts are affecting your museum
#savemuseums - hashtag advocating for museums
#museumpics - Picture a Museum Day (17 March 2011) is a global initiative that aims to give behind-the-scenes pictorial access to the world's museums

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