Ask the experts: social media

Rebecca Atkinson, 15.03.2011
Whether your museum is already using social media or about to take the leap, put your questions to other museum professionals or share your own experiences


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18.02.2014, 16:03
i need more research about social media
Clare Trepak
18.11.2012, 12:42
Does anybody know if any Social Media user groups exist? Like a forum to discuss SM use in museums/art galleries/heritage sites? Looking for ways to develop my knowledge of SM/improve the way my Museum uses SM without always resorting to training sessions?
Rebecca Atkinson
MA Member
Online Publications Editor, Museums Association
20.11.2012, 13:35
Hi Clare - I don't know of a specific social media group, but the Museums Computer Group discusses social media quite a lot and it probably the best place to start if you have any questions. I do see free training events from time-to-time too. You might find some discussion threads on Linkedin - or start one of the MA's linkedin page.
31.03.2011, 13:01
Christine, although admittedly part of a large company, our visitor centre initially set up a facebook group independant to the main social media plans. Much of the work was done by one of the bar staff on quiet shifts!

It can be suprisingly easy to run and maintain, as between a group of us we make sure that the page is checked at least once a day for any messages we may need to reply to. When we advertise an event we plan into that advertising a few minutes to copy and paste the details into an event invite. We then know that a few hundred people will recieve that invite and know about the event without even needing to leave their home or visit our website.

You can ultiimately spend as much or as little time as you like on it, you can delve as deep as you like into reults and statistics. I do think that for a few minutes per day, or even every other day, it's a good return on effort.
24.03.2011, 11:45
Rebecca, try programs like SearchTastic and TweetScan to bring up timelines.
24.03.2011, 11:43
With a project we did in the NW last year, we definitely had footfall increased by using Twitter/Facebook. There's a growing generation that get their information this way, and it will be an increasingly effective (and cheap) way to market events.
16.03.2011, 15:56
Social media is all very well but I don't seriously see how people connected with a museum can find the time to sit at a PC all day, Twittering and Facebooking. I've heard a lot about using them but do they really, in all honesty, work? IOW, generate actual income? I'd like to see actual examples of results, especially for what I call the "small museums", those who run entirely on volunteers and have to charge entry fees. If there are any, what did they do and how did they do it?
16.03.2011, 13:22
What is the best way to "preserve" the timeline of a hashtag - at the moment, I try to print these out before the Tweets expire but I wondered if anyone knew of a programme that would allow me to keep a permanent record? Thanks