Social media basics

While some museums have embraced social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, others are more reticent, unsure what the benefits and potential pitfalls are. 

Museum Practice explores the potential of social media websites and the different approaches museums can take. Find out how to develop a social media strategy, how to monitor your online activity and what the future of online networking holds.

Developing a social media strategy

What is social media, how can it be monitored and what are the different approaches? This article explains how museums can get more out of social media as technology continues to progress

Ask the experts: social media

Whether your museum is already using social media or about to take the leap, put your questions to other museum professionals or share your own experiences

Case study: making the case for social media

Rick Lawrence from the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter shares his experiences of getting museum and council staff onboard with social media

Case study: social media characters

Tullie House is retelling the story of the Roman invasion of northern England through the eyes of fictional soldier, and Twitter enthusiast, iTweetus

Case study: interactive websites

A digitisation project across 30 museums in Yorkshire highlights how lessons learned from social media can be used to create interactive websites

Picture a Museum day

Picture a Museum day is the latest example of how museums can work together on social media websites to raise awareness of their collections and activities

Further resources: social media

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