Thefts from museums are reassuringly low but funding cuts and the subsequent squeeze on museum budgets mean that some museums might be tempted to cut back on security.

But cuts in security cut both ways and maintaining a good level of security enables a museum to borrow from national collections and protect its own objects.

In this issue of Museum Practice, Laura Gascoigne makes the case for security and explains how museums can undertake a thorough audit. She also looks at the latest technological developments, weighs up people power versus technology and finds out what museums could learn from the National Trust.

How secure is your museum?

Budget cuts mean museum security could be at risk. Laura Gascoigne makes the case for investing in security and looks at recent technological developments

How to carry out security audits

Laura Gascoigne explains how museums can assess the security risk to objects and collections and take appropriate action using a security audit checklist

Security at National Trust properties

Museums could learn a lot about security from the National Trust

Case study: security at large museums

As the UK's second top visitor attraction, the National Gallery has a clear strategy in place when it comes to security

Case study: designing in security

The Ashmolean Museum built security into the fabric of the building during its recent redevelopment

Security: further resources

Find out more about museum security...

Have your say on security

Ask your security-related questions and share your views on the issue