Raising income

There's an art to raising income within your museum

Making a profit

Finding ways to boost income is a fact of life today. Jane Morris looks at the best options, from retail to venue hire, and how to increase their profitability

Running a shop

The difference between your shop being a gold mine and not a black hole is discovering who your visitors are and what they want to buy

Commissioning retail products

Commissioning products that trade on your name or your collection can be a great money-spinner. But it is a risky proposition for the uninitiated

Case Study: a profitable shop

Louisa Adkins explains how Compton Verney overcame teething problems - and listened to its visitors - to develop a profitable shop

Filming locations

Having your building or grounds feature in a film or on television will generate fees and invaluable publicity - but be prepared for long hours

Catering and cafes

A cup of tea and a cake, or something more substantial, is a must after a visit. But making your cafe popular and profitable is a tall order

Hiring your museum out for events

Hiring out spaces can be lucrative, even for small museums. The trick is working out what you can offer and finding your market

Case study: commercial events

A special event can have many benefits. But, warns Lynne Ireland, from the Nebraska State Historical Society, do not underestimate the work involved - or the risks