The changing face of oral history

Oral history and what the future holds

Collecting oral history

How the collection of oral history has changed

Soldier stories from Afghanistan

The IWM's War Story project collects stories alongside objects and other materials

Using oral history

New technology is changing the way museums use oral history

Funding the digitisation of oral histories

The Oral History Society outlines the options

Digitisation at the Museum of London

The process and challenges of digitising the Museum of London's oral history collection

Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling is an alternative way to engage communities and collect memories

Oral history apps

The Hackney Hear app is an example of how to get oral history out of galleries and on to the streets

Oral history exhibitions

The Foundling Museum used oral history to create an emotive and communal exhibition experience

Oral history films

Filmed oral histories have largely replaced audio at the Herbert

Large-scale oral history projects

Oral history testimonies provide the soundtrack to an animated film from ss Great Britain


The practical online resource for museums

Oral history: further resources

Online resources on oral history