Image courtesy of Tate

Tate launches interactive website for children

Jonathan Knott, 24.5.2017
Website includes games, quizzes and videos
Tate has launched a website for children featuring games, quizzes, and other interactive, art-themed content.

Tate Kids, aimed at young people aged between 5 and 13, offers users a choice of fourteen games, including Art Parts, where children can draw in the missing parts of famous artworks.

Ten quizzes cover a range of subjects including “Which art superhero are you?” and “Which artist should design your bedroom?”

The site also provides instructions for creative activities such as making a painting in the style of Jackson Pollock.

Other features include articles on artists and art movements, videos featuring children meeting practising artists and responding to art, and a gallery where website users can save and upload their artworks.

A spokeswoman for Tate said the site aimed to encourage creativity in children and engagement with the organisation’s collection both on and offline.

“We hope the site will serve as an exciting and educational resource for both those families who can make it to the galleries in person and those who can’t. The games and videos have already proven particularly popular with children accessing the site internationally,” said the spokeswoman.

She added that the site had been created with the national curriculum in mind, and in consultation with young people. “The content reflects the artists and artwork children are particularly interested in,” she said.