Paddy Molloy's Crossing Time installation in Granary Square. Credit: Paul Grover

Animated installation opens in King’s Cross

Jonathan Knott, 24.02.2016
Illustrator Paddy Molloy’s Crossing Time is inspired by past and present
The House of Illustration gallery has opened an animated installation on Granary Square in London’s King’s Cross.

Crossing Time is a four-metre-high interactive installation devised by illustrator Paddy Molloy and is inspired by the local landscape and history.

Images referencing the past and present life of the area are projected onto a multi-layered structure each evening after dark falls. Motion-activated sensors mean that viewers can trigger changes in the sequence of projections.

Molloy was particularly inspired by the former King’s Cross monument, built in 1830, which housed a camera obscura overlooking the rapid industrial development of the time.

The installation started on 13 February and will run until 10 March. The gallery also held a series of illustration and animation workshops during half term (15-19 February), exploring ideas related to Crossing Time.

Olivia Ahmad, the curator at House of Illustration, said: “Commissioning ambitious new pieces by pioneering illustrators is a vital part of our work. Paddy Molloy’s Crossing Time is a dramatic architectural feature combining moving image and responsive technology, and challenging the idea that illustration belongs only on paper.

"We’ve had a great response to the installation, both from the public and from the local residents who did workshops with Paddy Molloy to explore their own thoughts about their city. People are intrigued by the commission and are coming to House of Illustration to find out more."




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