Adham Faramawy

Royal Academy unveils virtual reality initiative

Alice Durrans, 04.01.2017
Pop-up project will showcase artwork created using virtual reality software
London’s Royal Academy of Arts (RA) has developed an immersive gallery experience featuring artworks created with virtual reality software.

The pop-up project is a collaboration between HTC Vive, a virtual reality system, and the RA Schools, a contemporary fine art school.

Artwork created by RA Schools’ alumni Adham Faramawy, Elliot Dodd and third-year student Jessy Jetpacks will be on display to the public from 12-14 January.

Software such as Kodon and Google’s Tilt Brush will allow the artists to paint in virtual 3D. Visitors will then be able to walk around, over and under the artwork in a virtual world. The RA will also be printing and exhibiting parts of the art created so people can interact with the real-world versions.

Mark Hampson, the head of fine art processes at the RA Schools, sees this exhibition as a signpost for how technology will mould the future of art.

“As a 21st-century art school the exciting emergence of new technologies for art production is paramount in our thinking at the RA Schools,” he said. “The artists selected for this collaboration represent an emerging generation who are perfectly equipped to investigate the possibilities for an art rooted in the virtual world.”


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Phillip Tefft
Director, Ralph Appelbaum Associates
13.01.2017, 11:53
Exciting! Definitely worth a look...