The Scottish Museums Federation

Karyn McGhee, 15.01.2015
Pop-ups for professionals
The Scottish Museums Federation runs monthly pop-up events for members across Scotland. We aim to give anyone working, volunteering or embarking on a career in museums the opportunity to keep up-to-date with sector news and developments, obtain new skills and network with colleagues.

Normally only lasting a couple of hours, pop-ups take the form of behind-the-scenes visits, exhibition tours, training, career surgeries and social events such as  #drinkingaboutmuseums.

By facilitating discussion on varied topics and current museum issues, our members are encouraged to think about their own practice within the wider sector. These events complement our annual conference, which offers more substantial content and networking opportunities.

While pop-up events offer shorter sessions, the geographical spread of our membership means that many still find it hard to travel far from their museum. To encourage participation we move our pop-ups around Scotland and always provide a learning outcome for each event.

This ensures that any journey and time away from the office is justifiable and worthwhile.

Over the past three years we developed the approach of arranging one pop-up a month. It became apparent that the time commitment needed to run an annual programme of at least 11 pop-ups and one conference could be a challenge for one events officer to juggle with full-time employment.

So, as a consequence, the role is now successfully shared across an events team, who work closely to deliver the programme to members.

Information is available on the Scottish Museum Federation's website and blog, and on Twitter.

Karyn McGhee is a committee member of the Scottish Museums Federation