Haslter Gallery in the Grand Arcade, London

The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, Middlesex

Zoë Hendon, 15.01.2015
Regenerating neglected public spaces
The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (Moda) is part of Middlesex University, and makes its collections available online, on tour and on request.

We are running a pop-up project called the Hasler Gallery in the Grand Arcade, in the London borough of North Finchley.

Until recently, the Grand Arcade was neglected, but funding from the mayor’s Outer London Fund allowed local residents to work with Moda to devise a project to regenerate three of the shops in the arcade, with the intention of attracting new audiences to the area.

The aim was to provide a boost to North Finchley’s economy, and to offer the opportunity for people to engage with Moda’s collections in an unusual space.

We commissioned five creative practitioners from a range of disciplines to create work inspired by Moda’s collections. They were invited to show their resulting work in a new gallery space created in one of the arcade’s shops. So far, two of the practitioners have shown their work in the space, with the others scheduled to do so early this year.

The project is already increasing the visibility of the museum’s collections in the local area. Further evaluation will tell us whether the project has impacted positively on the local area, as well as on the people involved.  

Zoë Hendon is the head of collections at Moda