Museum pests

In the past decade, museums' arsenal against pest infestations has weakened due to EU regulations banning pesticides. This means the focus for many organisations is on prevention rather than cure.

This issue of Museum Practice looks at the problems that insect pests and rodents can cause within museums, art galleries and heritage sites and identifies some everyday steps that can be taken to monitor and control the problem.

Integrated pest management – which puts pest control at the heart of all operations – is also examined along with some of the treatments available to deal with serious pest issues.

Pests: is your museum at risk?

They may be small, but insect pests pose a big problem

Managing insect pests

Pest consultant Robert Child looks at how museums can prevent insect attacks

Guide to integrated pest management

IPM is the most effective tool against pest attacks

Museum pests: treatments

From freezing to heat treatment, there are a number of options when it comes to dealing with pest infestations

Further resources: museum pests

Online resources on museum pests and IPM