Jaipur Hunting Scene, Maharajah on a Tiger Hunt, India, 1790. James Ivory Collection

Loans: further resources

Rebecca Atkinson, 15.10.2010
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Smarter Loans
Smarter Loans is a collaborative project with people in museums to review the key principles of loans in the UK, and set out guidance for what this means in practice.

Find an object
Search and post loan, disposal, acquisition and borrowing requests

Touring exhibitions (Museum Practice, 2005)
Series of articles explaining how museums can share the cost of exhibitions by developing innovative touring shows.

The share option (Museum Practice, 2002)
Case study of how the National Gallery, the Bristol City Museum and the Laing Gallery in Newcastle joined forces to bring major works of art to regional audiences. Includes a step-by-step guide for museums wanting to borrow artworks from national museums.

Objects of desire (Museum Practice, 2008)
Smaller museums should not be put off by the time and effort needed to borrow high-profile, high-prestige objects. The result can be a valuable boost in publicity and visitor numbers.

Loan stars (Museums Journal, 2006)
National museums are loaning more to the regions than ever before, according to new research by Museums Journal. But borrowing objects is still not always straightforward.


UK Registrars Group
The UK Registrars Group provides a forum for exchanging ideas and expertise between registrars, collection managers and other museum professionals in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

UK Museums Loans Network
This network provides a forum for all museum loans services in the UK. It aims to promote and share best practice; facilitate research; assist new and emerging museum loan services and loan services under threat; and lobby for continued recognition of the importance of loan services.

National Museum Directors’ Conference: reviewing environmental conditions
Download papers on reducing the carbon footprint of museums and other work the National Museum Directors’ Conference has undertaken in this area.

The European Commission’s Working Group on Mobility of Collections
Working group charged with improving the mobility of collections across Europe (for its reports, see below).


Museums Association Simple Loans recommendations (2007)

Guidance designed to help museums create straightforward loan agreements.

Lending to Europe (2005)
A report from Codart with recommendations on collective mobility for European museums.
Action plan for the EU promotion of museum collections’ mobility and loan standards (2005)
A European Commission report into best practice and standards across member states.

Final report and recommendations to the EC Cultural Committee on improving the means of increasing the mobility of collections (July 2010)

Final report from the European Commission’s working group on the mobility of collections.