Late-night events

Holding out-of-hours events in museums is nothing new.

But museums are increasingly approaching late-night openings in a different way – creating curated events and activities with a decidedly social agenda, designed to attract new audiences and change the perception of the venue.

Museum Practice explores the logistics of holding late-night events, from marketing and staff to evaluation and costs.

Why hold late-night events?

They're expensive and laborious to run, so why hold late-night events?

Evaluating Science Museum Lates

Evaluation can help shape late-night programmes

Webchat: late-night events

What makes a successful late-night event?

Marketing late-night events

The role of adverts, PR and social media

Attracting audiences to Firstsite's lates

The Colchester gallery shares its experiences

Museums at Night

The UK-wide festival is helping museums of all sizes hold late-night events

Festival of Museums

Eithne Ní Chonghaile explains the marketing behind Scotland's Festival of Museums

Midnight feasts: sleepovers in museums

The logistics of letting visitors spend the night in your museum

Getting staff on-board

Getting enough staff with the right attitude is essential for a successful late-night event

Cashing in on late-night events

Can museums make money from late-night events or just cover costs?

Your late-night event case studies

More case studies from MP readers