Introduction: interactivity

Museums can attract visitors who prefer to discover things by feeling, doing or finding a solution to a problem

Why go interactive?

A good interactive display will turn visitors of all ages into active explorers. Sarah Angliss explains how

Writing an interactive display brief

Getting the balance right in an exhibit brief can be tricky: it needs to explain clearly what is needed, without constraining the designers' creativity

Mechanical interactivity versus computers

The cost of computer-based techology is falling fast, but there are plenty of reasons to go for a good old-fashioned mechanical interactive

Maintaining interactive displays

When planning an interactive exhibit, consider maintenance from the outset to keep your exhibits up and running and looking fresh

Case study: maintaining interactive displays

Techniquest's Harry White explains why a vigilant eye on maintenance is essential

Interpreting interactive displays

Good front-of-house staff can be the key to the success of interactive displays - and they can spot potential problems that prototype tests do not

Case study: accessing interactive displays

Cassie Herschel-Shorland explains how the Science Museum improved the accessibility of espionage interactives