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Further resources: front-of-house

Rebecca Atkinson, 15.03.2012
More resources on front-of-house and visitor services

Find a supplier
Find consultants using the Museums Association’s Find a Supplier search tool

Museum cafes (Museum Practice, 2012)
What makes a successful museum cafe?

Retail (Museum Practice, 2011)
Raising income through on-site shops and e-commerce

Building a stronger workforce (Museum Practice, 2011)
Museum Practice explores how museums can strengthen and diversify the workforce, even when faced with shrinking resources

Front-of-house: developing commercial opportunities (MP seminar presentation, 2011)
This seminar examines front-of-house commercial opportunities

Untapped potential: volunteers, apprentices and front-of-house staff (Museum Practice, 2011)

When funds are tight, it is in everybody’s interests to draw on all the talents of all of the people who work in your museum

Case study: front-of-house (Museum Practice, 2011)
Manchester City Galleries changed the role of its visitor services team, to bridge the gap between front-of-house and the rest of the museum

Volunteers (Museum Practice, 2010)
What does volunteering mean in the age of the Big Society and how can museums make more of this workforce?

Staff development (Museum Practice, 2009)
How museums can develop and motivate paid staff and volunteers
The front line (Museums Journal, 2008)
Deborah Mulhearn on the organisations that are unafraid to promote front-of-house staff and are investing in their training and development

Risk assessment and safe front-of-house services (Museum Practice, 2000)
Glenn Benson looks at some health and safety aspects of visitor services

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