Introduction: emergency planning

Disaster planning is arguably the museum equivalent of making a will or having a health check: one of those things that everyone knows they ought to do, but then puts off.

Preparing for emergencies

Follow MP's step-by-step guide to minimising the risk of disasters and limiting the damage they cause if they do occur

Writing an emergency plan of action

Once you have analysed the possible risks and decided how you will react to them, it is time to write the museum's emergency plan

Training staff for emergencies

After you have written the emergency plan, the next step is to train your staff to use it properly

Salvage operations after emergencies

Deciding which objects should be given priority in a salvage operation is not an easy task, but it is a vital part of any emergency plan

Case study: flooding

The Perth Museum and Art Gallery has taken extensive measures to prevent a damaging flood happening again

Case study: fire

The Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Holland was badly damaged by an explosion in a fireworks factory