Introduction: disposal

This step-by-step guidance - plus case studies from the UK and the Netherlands - is aimed at museums that want to make careful and selective disposal part of their collections management policy.

Why dispose?

Disposing of objects is rarely straightforward, but there are a number of principles to help you, writes Laura Gascoigne

Assessing your collection

Laura Gascoigne explains what you need to consider when assessing your collection, which is a vital step before you can start disposing of objects

How to dispose

After a long consultation process you have decided to dispose of something. What happens next? Laura Gascoigne sets out the options

Justifying disposal

Gaining a mandate for disposals will make it easier to justify them to the public. Laura Gascoigne shows how museums can be accountable

Case study: evaluating collections

Holland's Delta plan has forced Naturalis in Leiden to take a long, hard look at its collection

Case study: transferring objects

The National Maritime Museum is working with a network of museums to rationalise Britain's maritime collections and transfer relevant items