Introduction: community projects

What are the practicalities of appealing to and working closely with groups from diverse communities?

Attracting new visitors with community projects

Community projects are an important way to attract new visitors. Julie Nightingale looks at the challenges of involving the hardest-to-reach groups

Tactics to engage young visitors

Attracting young people to museums is notoriously difficult. But creative museums have developed tactics that have proved successful

Setting up advisory groups

Setting up an advisory group allows you to tap into specialist knowledge and different perspectives - and can give your project credibility.

Working with refugees

For refugees, visiting a museum is unlikely to be a high priority. But projects for exiles can help make connections with their new home

Working with prisoners

Setting up a project working with prisoners presents special challenges, and requires above all, sensitivity and a flexible approach

How to evaluate community projects

Measuring the success of a community project is about more than numbers. Evaluation needs to look at outcomes from other points of view

Case study: training staff for community work

Katie Bruce explains how advice and training for staff is a key part of Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art's often-challenging community work

Case study: advisory groups

Liz Puddick and Sarah Gilbert reveal how the Imperial War Museum's advisory group improved its exhibition about black people's war experiences

Case study: workshops for young people

Running artist-led workshops for young people in an inner-city area has its own special challenges - and rewards - says Clare Ferdinando

Community projects: further reading

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