Introduction: collecting

An introduction to collecting

Making the case for collecting

Competition for objects and the sources of money to buy them means museums must convince funders about why they collect, says Jane Morris

Collecting from specialist dealers

If you are buying in the market, building relationships with specialist dealers can be key to getting the best items at the right prices, says Jane Morris

Collecting at auctions

Auctions can be a good place to buy, but remember that you will be competing against experienced bidders, and that lots are always sold "as seen"

Collecting from private sellers

Buying directly from a private seller can make good sense: you may be able get a generous discount, and there can be tax advantages for both parties

Working with collectors

Private collectors and museums have much to gain by working together, from sharing knowledge to converting loans to gifts

Making better use of collections

Challenging and inspiring museums to make better use of their collections and collections knowledge

Case study: dealing with an export bar

Luton Museums Service had to act quickly to get the funds, and support, to prevent a medieval bronze jug leaving the country

Case study: collecting and small museums

Sophie Forgan explains how her museum's staff and supporters mounted a campaign to secure a set of unique drawings on the other side of the world