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What is your museum doing to reduce its carbon footprint? Share your green stories...

Making your museum more energy efficient makes sense from both an environmental and financial point of view.

Museum Practice wants to know what your museum is doing in this area - what practical tips can you share with other readers and what problems have you encountered along the way? 

You can also share your views on carbon footprinting reports, display energy certificates and other environmental measures.


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Tina, Royal Signals Museum
MA Member, MP Subscriber
24.05.2010, 12:28
We recycle paper, plastic etc and also turn of any non-essentail electrical items such as computers. I use public transport to get to the museum which is in Dorset from my home in Aldershot in Hampshire which takes 3 hours one way.
17.05.2010, 15:28
The MA is doing its bit by recycling paper, plastic, glass, toner cartridges etc and recently, food waste, which is collected for composting. We do what we can to reduce our energy consumption where possible, and whenever possible staff travel to meetings and events by train avoiding domestic flights wherever possible. We also have a roof garden complete with bird bath and feeders which provides a haven for a variety of wild birds.

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(Image: Palm House, Kew Gardens, credit RBG Kew)