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Put your audience research questions to the expert

Rebecca Atkinson, 17.11.2014
The Visitor Studies Group’s Kayte McSweeney takes your questions
What value does audience research offer museums and how can it collected as efficiently as possible? What advantages do different methods bring? How can technology be used to enhance traditional visitor surveys?

Whatever your question, Museum Practice is here to help with its monthly Ask the Expert feature.

Kayte McSweeney is a senior audience advocate for the audience research and advocacy team at the Science Museum in London and co-chair of the Visitor Studies Group. Using evidence from audience research and evaluation, she advocates on behalf of visitors to support the development of high quality and engaging learning experiences in museums.

Her work includes the evaluation of exhibitions, audience engagement initiatives and digital engagement tools; researching the impact of learning programmes; exploring the influence of co-creation projects; and findings ways of increasing audience engagement and accessibility.  

McSweeney will be answering your questions about audience research and advocacy in the December edition of Ask the Expert.

Email your or share them in the comment box below by 28 November. The answers will be published on 12 December.