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Champions of mobile phone technology claim that apps represent the future of visitor engagement. Critics, however, warn the cost means they aren't suitable for many museums.

But what do you think? Will mobile phone apps revolutionise the way museums communicate with visitors or are they just a marketing tool without any real value? 

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(Image: Streetmuseum app, Museum of London)


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24.08.2012, 15:32
We have developed an app for iphone and android, which recognises any image, logo or 3D object and takes the recipiant straight to any content, which could be video, audio or text document. Each image/logo
together with its unique URL is stored on our servers and unlike QR codes, the technology recognises the image/logo/object. Our app even recognises curved images i.e. a label on a bottle of wine.

We feel the Jaran App would be of value to museums. Please have a look at our website below.

Kind Regards
Rakha Singh
Tel: 07977 060081


14.10.2011, 13:55
Whilst they have a 'being cool' factor, mobile apps are perhaps overrated; a bit like social media, dare I say. There's really no concrete evidence of such apps enhancing visitor experience - it just an additional means of communication and marketing. There are still, and probably always will be, better ways to engage the audience that really matters.
22.06.2010, 13:55
Apps for phones might be a future, but they're not the only one. Apps for iphones, or android phones, only provide content for specific users who already own hi-end technology. In a world where museums are often accused of being 'elitist', we need to be careful of offering a method of interaction that is only available to a small and well-off section of our users.

The idea of being able to offer museum engagement that can be carried around in your pocket is great, but we need to make sure that we really are engaging all our users, not just excluding a large proportion of them.
18.06.2010, 10:38
An app is only as good as its content. Apps that enhance the museum experience have real value, but like museum use of social networking tools, there will be museums who jump on the bandwagon without any intellectual reasoning or assessment of purpose.