Mobile phone apps

In this Museum Practice, Simon Stephens looks at the rise of mobile phone software applications - or apps - and explains why it pays for museums to think ahead before they jump on the app bandwagon.

You can also find out how four very different museum apps were developed and share your views on mobile phone apps in the museum sector

The growth of mobile apps

Can mobile phone apps improve visitor engagement?

Building an app

Developing an app can be costly, so it's important to know what outcome you want and the best ways to achieve this

Case study: Love Art

The National Gallery's Love Art app was designed to communicate the collection to a broader range of people

Case study: the Hunterian

The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery developed its iPhone app in-house on a very limited budget

Case study: Streetmuseum

The Streetmuseum app was developed as way to promote the Museum of London's Galleries of Modern London

Case study: Tate Trumps

Tate Trumps is a free interactive game that encourages visitors to Tate Modern to explore the gallery and 'collect' artworks

Further resources: apps

Further resources on mobile apps for museums

Have your say on apps

Do museums need apps or are they a waste of money? Share your views

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