Barker Langham, London

Colin Sterling, 16.07.2015
Consultancy internships highlight the wider possibilities of working in the cultural sector
Barker Langham, a global cultural consultancy based in London, has hosted interns since its inception in 2005. Whether formal or informal, these placements have proven hugely valuable for the company and for the individuals joining us.

While our internships tend to be project focused, as far as possible we like to tailor specific tasks to the interests of candidates. Interns work to a semi-structured programme that allows them to focus on one or two projects and the production of a finished product. They also have the opportunity to meet individually with our team, to ask questions and to find out more about different roles and career paths.  

Interns at Barker Langham might find themselves standing on street corners conducting surveys, timecoding archival footage for museum exhibitions, developing psychogeographic maps from original research, or transcribing in-depth oral histories.

While the majority of our interns have backgrounds in museums or heritage studies, we have also hosted students and graduates from graphic design, sociology, management and music.

Barker Langham has also developed close links with University College London and its master’s programmes in London and Qatar. We find that many students begin such courses fully intending to move on to careers in museums, but that the experience of a consultancy opens their eyes to other possibilities in the sector.

Several of our interns have gone on to become associates, consultants or full-time staff members. Others now work in museums and art galleries across the world, and we like to stay in touch with them as much as possible.

We currently offer interns a stipend to cover travel and other expenses. But as the company grows, we are moving towards a more formal application structure for these positions. This will ensure that our internships remain hugely beneficial for all involved.  

Colin Sterling is a research associate at Barker Langham