Lincolnshire Heritage Service hosted Rebecca Storr, the first museum-based creative apprentice to complete in England

Call for case studies: apprentices and interns

Rebecca Atkinson, 28.05.2015
Share your experiences and advice on running schemes
The July edition of Museum Practice will look at apprentices and interns.

The articles will focus on how museums of all sizes can host schemes.

Museums are invited to submit their own case studies to be published alongside the articles, sharing their experiences and offering advice to others.

Case studies should be 300 words long and accompanied by photographs. For tips and advice, read this guide to writing a Museum Practice case study.

Please email your case studies by 3 July to


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19.06.2015, 11:47
How are you defining "Internships"? As a University Museum we have various forms of student involvement through work-related learning, mostly project-based, varying in duration (2 - 6 months) and all voluntary. I know some organisations insist that an internship should be paid so curious to know if you are setting any criteria for the case study.
Rebecca Atkinson
MA Member
Online Publications Editor, Museums Association
22.06.2015, 14:54
Hi Ruth,

We'd like to have case studies about internships that fit with our guidelines - these can be found here