Call for case studies: loan boxes

Rebecca Atkinson, 18.04.2017
Share your experiences in Museum Practice
The June edition of Museum Practice (MP) will look at loan boxes.

The articles will look at how to develop loan boxes for different audiences, such as schools, reminiscence services or community groups.

The importance of managing a sustainable loan box service will also be examined, with advice on promotion, handling bookings and dealing with issues such as broken or lost objects.  

Using recent case studies, MP will share tips on bringing the objects in loan boxes to life through storytelling, written resources and handling exercises.

Museums are invited to share their own experiences of developing or managing loan boxes, by submitting a case study.

Case studies should be about 300 words long and accompanied by photographs. 

For tips and advice, read this guide to writing a MP case study.

Please email your case studies by 25 May to