The Tate received sponsorship for its street art exhibition from Nissan to promote a new car. Credit: JR/Lazarides Gallery

Call for case studies: sponsorship

Rebecca Atkinson, 16.09.2015
Share your experiences in Museum Practice
The November edition of Museum Practice will look at sponsorship.

The articles will examine the benefits of corporate sponsorship, its role in the current economic climate and the challenges and ethics of working with sponsors. There will also be a practical guide to sponsorship, covering approaching potential organisations, developing a sponsorship agreement and the importance of communication.

Museums are invited to submit their own case studies on how they are working with sponsors. These could include: challenges and lessons; tips on maintaining successful relations; and ensuring mutual benefits.

Case studies should be about 300 words long and accompanied by photographs.

For tips and advice, read this guide to writing a Museum Practice case study.

Please email your case studies by 1 November to