Cuming Museum. Credit: Gary Black

How well would your museum deal with a disaster?

Rebecca Atkinson, 15.05.2014
Latest MP on emergency planning
All museums, galleries and archives should ensure that they are able to protect staff, visitors, collections and buildings from disaster – whether that’s from a fire or flood, terrorist threat or break-in.

Having a workable emergency plan in place is the first step.

“Dealing with a disaster is always difficult, but if you’ve got a plan then it can make a massive difference and can help limit the damage,” says Emma Dadson, divisional manager at Harwell Document Restoration Services.

The May edition of Museum Practice looks at how museums can prepare for the worst by having an up-to-date and effective emergency plan.

The articles use recent case studies to examine the practical ways museums have dealt with incidents, such as floods, fires and theft. And Judy Aitken, the heritage manager at Southwark Council, shares how the Cuming Museum is getting back on its feet following a severe fire last year.

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