Succession planning in the age of austerity

Rebecca Atkinson, 16.05.2011
The latest Museum Practice explains how museums can safeguard their collections knowledge
What happens when the people who know all about your collections retire, move on or are made redundant, taking that expertise with them?

For some time there have been concerns that museums are not doing enough to develop their knowledge and to share it – with the public and among themselves.

To help address the issue, the Museums Association has published its Monument Fellowship Toolkit, which aims to help museums address succession planning.

Based on the recommendations of the toolkit, the latest issue of Museum Practice explores how knowledge sharing and succession planning can be built into the spirit of a museum to ensure specialist knowledge and skills are retained when staff retire or leave.

There are case studies from a range of organisations that highlight the different approaches to succession planning, from hands-on mentoring to creating video guides, and the opportunity for readers to upload their own thoughts and experiences.

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17.05.2011, 18:39
In the age of austerity with this imposed 2 year pay freeze, rampant inflation, and now maybe tinkering with our pensions my advice to my museum sector peers is to not bother coming to work one day a work since we are getting in effect what will be a 20% pay cut by the time our 2 year pay freeze is over. Having not taken a lunch break in over 20 years I have probably put in lots of extra hours anyway, so that is what I have decided to do.