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Reclaiming histories through science: DNA testing and the lives of ‘Brown Babies’ families

The Mixed Museum is a digital museum and archive dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of racial mixing in Britain for future generations, with a mission to widen knowledge about the multiracial history of Britain.

Through Mindsets + Missions a multi-disciplinary project team, led by The Mixed Museum’s founder and chief executive Chamion Caballero, will embark on a project co-creating a transformative space where new knowledge about the role of DNA in the lives of ‘Brown Babies’ families is generated in an equitable and empowering, rather than extractive, way.

“I am thrilled that The Mixed Museum has been awarded funding as part of the Mindsets + Missions programme. Our collaborative project aims to let those who have become known as ‘brown babies’ families – that is, the children of Black GIs and White British women born during second world war – to take the genuine lead in shaping exploration into the role of DNA testing in their lives. Our innovative proposal was the direct result of conversations and thinking that emerged during the Mindsets + Missions programme, and it’s wonderful that the funders have recognised this and are supportive of our aims. We can’t wait to get started.”

Chamion Caballero, founder and chief executive, The Mixed Museum

Collaborative working is at the heart of ‘Reclaiming histories through science’, and sees The Mixed Museum partnering with culture, campaigning and engagement specialist Damian Hebron, and mental health researcher Jill Anderson. Both Damian and Jill joined the Mindsets + Missions learning programme in early 2023 alongside Chamion, leading to the formation of this exciting partnership-based project.

Involvement in the production of new knowledge can feel exciting and it can be challenging. People have the capacity to support each other through new tellings, learnings and discoveries, and that is what we will do here. I am looking forward to getting started.

Jill Anderson

I’m excited about supporting participants working with The Mixed Museum through a process which I think will be really creative and really co-operative.

Damian Hebron

Visit The Mixed Museum and explore their digital exhibition Brown Babies, winner of the MA’s Museums Change Lives Digital Engagement Award in 2021.