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Dynamic Earth

Testing for Change

Through the lens of community empowerment, Dynamic Earth is using the opportunities presented by Mindsets + Missions to take on a transformative programme of research with underrepresented groups.

Partnering with the mental health support charity SEASONS, LGBT Health and Wellbeing, Royal Mile Primary School, and Heriot Watt University, they aim to generate a step-change in how typically unheard voices and plural perspectives are represented within their permanent exhibition and programming.

A group of people stands at Dynamic Earth
Participants viewing an area to be redesigned at Dynamic Earth

“Dynamic Earth is thrilled to receive this funding which allows us to do game-changing work, challenging our status quo and looking to the future as we launch our new ten-year strategy. We have only just begun planning with our community partners for this project, and already we’re having in-depth discussions about climate justice, colonialism and genuine diverse representation within our science centre. This is such an exciting opportunity to commit time to centring the voices of our community partners and designing the next year of our activity around them.”

Fran Hutchinson, senior community engagement officer, Dynamic Earth

This project follows the team’s success as one of seven Bold Futures grant recipients between 2022 and 2023. Funded as part of the Wellcome Trust’s Inspiring Science initiative, the Dynamic Earth team embedded community voice and co-decision-making into every step of the planning and design of a new dedicated community space within their centre.

Two young people sit and make a hand heart with their two hands
Participants viewing an area to be redesigned at Dynamic Earth

“To know that the Mindsets + Missions programme is supporting museums and science centres across the UK to examine their EDI policies and practices, embed them into every aspect of their organisations and make meaningful change is incredibly powerful. We will make the most of this opportunity and commit to a legacy from this programme of genuine co-creation and representation to make our attraction and our work more accessible to more people.”

Conor Ellis, head of learning and engagement, Dynamic Earth