The Kathy Callow Trust

Grants of up to £1,000 for social history conservation
'… to provide awards with a long-term benefit for the conservation of social history artefacts and evidence in small museums....'

The trust was founded in 1994 from part of the residue of the estate of the late Kathy Callow.

Kathy Callow, the curator of the Priest's House Museum, Wimbourne, was an active and long-standing member of the Museums Association.

The trust makes awards to small museums for the purposes of assisting with the costs of conservation projects.

Such projects might include an exhibition, improving stored collections or running workshops for people “working” with museums.

Conditions governing grants from the fund:

  • aid is restricted to smaller galleries or museums with an annual gross revenue expenditure of less than £600,000
  • the total sum available each year is approximately £1,000
  • the sum awarded will be influenced by the long-term value of the project and the degree of preparatory thought that has been put into determining the content of the work and its costs
  • the trustees particularly welcome applications on the following aspects of social history conservation:, the disadvantaged in society, women, the sea, industrialisation, and small localities
  • applicants should make clear whether the full cost or part is being sought as a grant. Any other funding bodies that have been or will be approached should be mentioned
  • a written progress report on the work assisted by the grant must be made to the trustees by 30 November of the year following the award, or as soon as the project is finished, whichever is the sooner
  • applications should be made using the form available on this website.

Application forms and guidance

For application form please click here (word)

To download guidance notes, click here (word)


John Bullard