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Aircraft training and maintenance manuals; aircraft recognition documents

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12 items. Notes from the British Institute of Engineering Technology; Pilots Notes for Vampire FI Goblin I or II Engine, Pilots and Engineers Notes for Lancaster Mk I – Four merlin XX, 22 or 24 Engines, Mk III & X – Four Merlin 28 or 38 Engines, Pilots Notes for Wellington III, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV Two Hercules XI, VI, XVI or XVII Engines; Central Training Establishment Instructional Precis, 1985; AP 1618 Astronomical Navigation Tables, Vol F,; De Havilland Heron Maintenance Schedules; Chapters from aircraft instruction manual; Heron 2 Maintenance and Overhaul Schedule; Trident 1E Pilots check lists and drills; Introduction to Airmaster Helicopters; R.A. Saville-Sneath Aircraft Recognition book; Two instruction sheets for aircraft recognition test; Shackleton Mk 2 and Vampire FB Mk 5 identification posters, and Meteor F Mk 8 working drawing.

See attached pdf for more information, including photos and detail on condition.

If you are interested in these items, please contact us using the details below. Priority will be given to Accredited museums, but all expressions of interest from museums, heritage organisations, voluntary groups, and charities, for any use (such as in handling collections, for practical training, using as spares or as putting back to its original use) will be considered. Interested parties will be contacted after two months of advertising.

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