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15 items. Prism and mounting from reflector or turret gun sight; bomb mechanism with scale for semi-armour piercing 500lb; scale for practice bomb 11.5lb; lamp for cockpit UV; undercarriage locking switch; gun sight; turbine blade; power cable connector for electrically heated flying suit; tin containing meteor control column grip; curved piece of steel; spare valve case; and other miscellaneous fittings. de Havilland Comet flight deck roof hatch; emergency shut down button German, Second World War; starboard igniter unit; aircraft engine ignition harnesses, possibly from Spitfire; Rolls Royce Fuel injector pump; propeller blade; section of exhaust collector ring, from Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior engines; turnbuckle.

See attached pdf for more information, including photos and detail on condition. Note that several items are constructed with historic plastics (bakelite) which may encapsulate some asbestos fibres. Transfers to new owners will be done under the museum sector REACH exemption.

If you are interested in these items, please contact us using the details below. Priority will be given to Accredited museums, but all expressions of interest from museums, heritage organisations, voluntary groups, and charities, for any use (such as in handling collections, for practical training, using as spares or as putting back to its original use) will be considered. Interested parties will be contacted after two months of advertising.

For further information on National Museums Scotland’s deaccessioning and disposals policy, see https://www.nms.ac.uk/collections-research/collections-and-research-policies/collection-disposal/.


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