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Beginners Video Workshop

Royal Society of Biology

Organiser:Royal Society of Biology
Venue:Charles Darwin House 2
107 Gray's Inn Road
Event cost:From £100 + VAT

Simple video production skills to support your creative requirements.

If science communication is something you are passionate about, perhaps you have already tried making your own content in the form of blogs or talks. But making videos requires a set of skills that don't always come naturally. We can train you in simple video production skills so that you can start making your own videos.

Who is the workshop for?
This workshop is for anyone who is passionate about conveying their ideas - and wants to learn how to harness the power of video to do so. We train students and academics across all disciplines to express themselves creatively on screen.

What does the workshop cover?
In this workshop you will learn how to make a simple 'talking-head' video by doing it yourself. This type of video suits simple explainer videos but can also be used in more creative ways e.g. interviews, adverts etc.
At the end of the workshop all participants will come out with their own completed video (depending on editing time) and the skills to make more in the future.

Who is the workshop trainer?
Ali Jennings is a scientist, presenter and film maker - dedicated to exploring scientific ideas in the most creative way imaginable! He has worked with the British Neuroscience Association, Crowd.Science, and CBBC amongst others.

Ali has a PhD in Neuroscience from University College London, where he studied the effect of dopamine on brain cells, and he lectures at Florida State University. His hobbies include cycling and overly gesticulating when he talks.

Contact:Amrat Khorana
Royal Society of Biology
Charles Darwin House
12 Roger Street
020 7685 2578

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