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Euronova Ltd

Security and protection of exhibits on display: invisible barriers, alarm sensors, tags, environmental data and alarms.
Barriers and queuing systems
Security consultants
Security systems and equipment
Environmental monitoring equipment
Display: Systems and equipment
Clive Stevens, Director
Office - 0117 944 2061
Euronova Ltd

Euronova Ltd Security alarms and environmental protection of art and objects on display. Ranging from: invisible barrier protection (open displays and unglazed art), wireless (rfid) showcase and tagging systems (including environmental data logging), to simple standalone alarms. Government Indemnity compliant, reduces invigilation costs. Used by 500+ museums and heritage sites across the UK and many more worldwide. Invest in object protection for a welcoming, efficient, visitor experience. Products: BarrierPIR, Piccolo (GalleryMaster), WeightSense and AntiSnatch Alarms. Need advice? It is free of charge.

The Clock Tower
5 Farleigh Court, Old Weston Road
Flax Burton
BS48 1UR
United Kingdom