World Turned Upside Down: Exploring the Future of Museums

From professional development to workplace practice, we’ve collated some of the Conference sessions which will be exploring all things careers. Spanning a range of current and future career topics and concerns, the sessions will be available to all Conference attendees – free for all our members.

In Practice: How to (digital) network like a pro

1645-1715, Monday 2 November

Networking at an online event can be challenging, but there are ways to make connections and develop professional or social contact. This practical session looks at how you can develop your digital networking skills on different platforms and sharing what you can put in place to network effectively.

In Practice: Workforce wellbeing at a time of job uncertainty

1645-1715, Tuesday 3 November

November sees many furloughed staff return to their organisations, with others learning the outcome of redundancy consultations. In this session exploring how uncertainty can affect wellbeing, members of the Museums Association’s Workforce Covid Support group share some of the support that is available.

Power to the roots

1445-1545, Wednesday 4 November

This session brings together museum workforce grassroot networks to discuss their work and the importance of these groups in empowering the museum workforce. They explore what grassroot networks are needed to create an inclusive, sustainable sector which will enable museums to continue to change lives.

The session is facilitated by Fair Museum Jobs, FoHMuseums, Museum Wellness and Museum as Muck. Together, these networks have challenged gatekeeping practices, conducted independent quantifiable research and promoted best practice such as workplace wellness and good mental health. They hold traditional bodies to account, challenge the status quo and advocate for changing working practices.

In Practice: Career Crossroads

1645-1715, Wednesday 4 November

There comes a point in everyone’s career when you begin to think about what’s coming next. This might be something you are driving towards or something imposed on you by job uncertainty and redundancy. During this workshop we share tools and techniques to help you think about what is next, identifying your needs and wants, exploring options and developing a project plan.

In Practice: Exploring a vocabulary: precarity

1715-1745, Thursday 5 November

In the museum digital space, precarity has started to manifest itself in many intersecting ways: from the individual precarity of those experiencing job uncertainty to the emotional precarity of those with too much work to do and too little time. This session, the third of three exploring new keywords that have emerged during 2020 and staged like live radio broadcasts, considers how the precarity of museums and their workforces plays out in their seeming inability to broach and incorporate new ideas.

In Practice: Future museum skills

1800-1830, Thursday 5 November

This year has seen huge global changes to the economy and the way we live. What does this mean for those working in museums? What future skills do we need to develop and how can we develop them? This session builds on conversations in the sector with different professional networks, from the Touring Exhibitions Group and the Group for Education in Museums, to the Collections Trust and Subject Specialist Networks.

In Practice: The AMA in a Covid-world

1645-1715, Friday 6 November

The AMA is a self-directed professional development programme, centred around a development framework of competencies, support groups, mentoring and more. The AMA provides you with an opportunity to develop as a well-rounded museum professional, accessing peers and guidance through mentoring. Whether you are working towards the next step, aspiring to join the sector or looking to remain engaged in museum best practice and current thinking, the AMA may be right for you.