**SOLD OUT** Law and Order: Copyright and New Data Protection Regulations

8 December 2017, Royal College of Physicians, London
Museums Association MP Seminar

An essential one-day conference offering guidance on copyright and the new general data protection regulations coming into force next May, which will have an impact on all museums.

In the morning, delegates will hear about the latest UK and EU policy developments for copyright, and receive practical advice on sweating their IP assets, making money from copyright exemptions and implementing copyright policies that will save time and money. The speakers will also explore the impact of copyright on digitisation projects.

The afternoon will feature an informative and interactive workshop led by Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy, offering detailed guidance on how museums can prepare for new general data protection regulations – ensuring that museums understand the key changes and how they will impact their organisation.

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Heather Caven
Director, V&A Collections Centre
Heather Caven joined the V&A Collections Centre in August 2017, having previously worked at National Museums Scotland as Head of Collections. Her specialisms include: collections policies and procedures; collections management; collections care and conservation; and Intellectual Property rights.
She will chair Law and Order: Copyright and New Data Protection Regulations


Matthew Bailey

Rights & Images Manager, National Portrait Gallery

Matthew Bailey manages the rights and images department at the National Portrait Gallery in London, licensing images, managing IP and on-site locations filming. He co-chairs the Museums Intellectual Property Network, which collects, appraises and disseminates information on IP and IP practice relevant to the sector.
He will discuss how museums can monetise and promote their assets

Naomi Korn
Copyright & Compliance Specialist and Managing Director, NKCC

Naomi Korn is one of the UK’s leading copyright & compliance specialists working across the cultural heritage sector.
She will discuss how even the most risk-adverse museums can benefit from copyright exceptions, and lead the afternoon’s workshop on getting ready for the new Data Protection Regulations.

Victoria Stobo
Postgraduate Researcher, CREATe, University of Glasgow
Victoria Stobo is an archivist. Her research explores the effect of copyright on the digitisation and making available online of cultural heritage collections.
She will discuss how museums can manage and mitigate risk when digitising archival material.

John Peel
Collection Information Manager, Manchester Museums Partnership (Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Museum, the Whitworth)

John Peel has been responding to the growing importance of copyright within collection management for more than 13 years.
He will share the practical steps that organisations of any size can take to implementing copyright procedures and policies.

Ben White
Head of Intellectual Property, the British Library
Ben White has a background in publishing, and is active in the intellectual property field in the UK.
He will discuss European and UK policy developments and what they mean for your institution.

Pamela Forde
Archive Manager and Data Protection Officer, Royal College of Physicians

Pamela Forde is a certified privacy practitioner and has been managing data protection compliance at the Royal College of Physicians since 2008.
She will share her experiences of moving an organisation from current compliance with data protection to compliance under the new regulations.

Kristen Hussey
Curator, Royal College of Physicians

Kristin Hussey is a curator and medical historian. She has previously worked at the Hunterian Museum and the Science Museum. She joined the Royal College of Physicians in early 2017.
She will give a short introduction to the museum and share highlights from the collection.

Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy

Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy is one of the UK's leading management consultancies specialising in copyright, compliance and licensing. It has worked with museums from across the UK.

Director Naomi Korn will lead an interactive workshop covering the key changes to General Date Protection Regulations, explaining what museums need to do to prepare.

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