Heledd Fychan, corporate affairs and advocacy manager, National Museum Wales

Ethics vox pops
What are your own professional ethical values?

To always be mindful of others, and consider the impact decisions made by organisations I’m involved with will have, beyond the obvious.

Some ethical dilemmas we face are difficult to resolve, but it’s essential that once a decision is made that there’s also a rationale to support the approach taken.

Transparency of decision making is, therefore, essential.

What do the public need from the code of ethics?

To be reassured that museums will act with integrity and safeguard the collections that they hold in trust.

If you could change one thing about the code of ethics what would it be?

I think it’s essential that it reflects the financial realities of today, and the pressure many museums are under to either close or sell some of their collections in order to be able to survive.

We need to be able to communicate why such a blasé approach to collections is unethical, and stand united as a sector against such pressures.