Who should exhibit?

“The whole museums sector in one place is a great promotional opportunity for us. Sarah Oswald, projects director, PLB Ltd"
Sarah Oswald, projects director, PLB Ltd

Our regular surveys of visitors tell us the products and services they wish to see. If you work in one of the following areas then you should exhibit:

  • audio guides
  • audiovisuals
  • architects
  • catering
  • collections management
  • conservation materials
  • display and fit out
  • display cases
  • education products and services
  • exhibition designers
  • fundraising
  • insurance and valuation
  • interactives
  • IT systems
  • lighting
  • management consultants
  • marketing and market research
  • packaging and transport
  • replicas and models
  • shop and retail goods
  • signage
  • storage systems
  • sustainable products
  • website design.

For more information call sales manager Nazneen Musafir on +44 (0) 20 7566 7830 or email naz@museumsassociation.org